Modem Issues

  1. Always power cycle modem AND router (if applicable) first when any problem occurs.
  2. If all modem lights are on and you have a router, try plugging from the modem straight into the computer to see if there is a connection. If so then it is a problem with your router not your internet service or modem.
  3. If your recieve light is blinking then you need to call the office for a representative to troubleshoot or schedule an appointment.

Digital Cable Box

  1. Make sure your television is on channel 3 or that it is on the correct input. (example: HDMI 1)
  2. Make sure all cables connected to your TV and box are plugged in correctly and tight.
  3. If using the remote: Make sure to push the cable button at the top of the remote and then try to control the box. If you push the TV button it will control the TV.